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The company sets the advantages of cold and hot processing at home and abroad
It has workshops for casting, sheet metal, machining, heat treatment and final assembly, and centrifugal casting equipment imported
The company has strong technical force
More than 40 engineers and technicians have successfully developed more than 20 kinds of new materials and products with advanced level of wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance
The company has advanced testing equipment
With a set of strict quality assurance system, with chemical analysis, spectral analysis physical and chemical testing, non-destructive testing, mechanical properties testing

Strength brand

With advanced testing equipment, has a strict quality assurance system with chemical analysis, spectrum


Equipment research

Collection of domestic and foreign cold, hot processing advantagesUnder the casting, sheet metal, machining, heat treatment, assembly, etc

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Quality assurance

"AAA credit enterprise of jiangsu province"Products are rated as provincial and ministerial quality products


Professional customer

24 hours professional customer service onlineConsult immediately to resolve your confusion

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We use98%The efforts of,Just for you10pointsSatisfied with

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Pre-sales consulting

It can display the technical parameters, pictures and advantages of products for customers online

Sale service

Provide customers with single or multiple product use options, and recommend the best solution according

After-sale protection

12 months product warranty, lifetime maintenance, online and offline to provide round-the-clock technical support

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Company profile

Jiangsu jiuer metallurgical machinery co., LTD is located in xinqiao park, jingjiang development zone, jiangsu province, with an area of 40,000 square meters and a construction area of 32,000 square meters. The company h...